How to Find Compatible Housemates

by | Aug 7, 2023

Finding the right housemates can make your home life great—learn how to identify the right people.

We all deserve to feel comfortable at home, and housemates can have a huge impact on how comfortable you are. Compatibility is often the biggest indicator of whether or not a home situation will work between people, whether it is friends, classmates, or strangers. 

In this article, we will explore how to find compatible housemates for happy living at home!

Easy Tips for Finding Compatible Housemates

A good match between housemates can turn a comfortable living situation into a truly pleasant one. When you focus on compatibility, you can make sure that everyone is comfortable, happy, and ready to share a great space.

These tips can help you to get started. 

Take Time to Consider What is Important to You

Before you can focus on compatibility, you have to know where you stand and what you need. Take time to truly consider what matters to you when it comes to living in a shared space with someone. There are a lot of very important factors to consider, like cleanliness, schedules, and even personality types. Think about what you do and do not want to see in a housemate, and make a clear list. This can help you to start discussions comfortably.

Talk About Noise Levels

Noise is one of the biggest points of contention when it comes to living with another person. While some people are happy to live in a space that has a lot going on, like music and conversation, others may prefer a space that is quieter. If you know you like a loud space or a quiet one, keep that in mind.

Consider Social Habits

Some people are very social, and some people prefer to keep things low-key at home. These differences can influence a lot when you share a space with someone. Take time to discuss how social you and your potential housemates are. Are you comfortable with guests and romantic partners spending time in the home, or do you prefer a more private and exclusive space?

Lay Out Expectations

The best way to gauge compatibility is to have an in-depth discussion about expectations. From pets and the division of chores to food preferences and habits, discussing expectations early on can save you time and make you much more comfortable in the long run. Put it all out there, and have these talks now so you know where everyone stands.

The Takeaway

If you plan to live in one of the beautiful 5-bedroom apartments Minneapolis offers, you probably want housemates to share it with. Having a clear understanding of what you would like to see and being open to discussions can create a great match. Find someone who aligns with your preferences and values, and watch a beautiful relationship form. Housemates can become lifelong friends!