is it hard to get an apartment as a student?

by | May 31, 2023

Finding the right place to live can make or break your experience as a student. The problem facing students is that on-campus living might not be the right fit, but the prospect of getting their own apartment can seem like an overwhelming task. There are usually plenty of off-campus options, but getting the right price point and size can make things downright tricky. 

Most college students that are shopping for a place to live are doing so with prospective roommates, as well. That can make the financial side easier to manage, but it also opens up more difficulties in finding the perfect place that works for everyone. The properties are out there, but if a group of roommates is trying to find five-bedroom apartments in Minneapolis, for example, the search can get overwhelming. 

Know Your Boundaries

Finding the right apartment in the right place is the biggest hurdle you’re going to overcome when getting an apartment as a student. You need enough space, particularly if you’re going to be living with a number of roommates. However, don’t underestimate the importance of proximity to campus. Time is of the essence for most college students, and living close to campus can make or break your experience as both a student and a tenant. 

Once you know who your roommates will be (or if you’re living alone), figure out your budget. Everybody will have a different amount they’ll be willing or able to spend on rent, and establishing that early will make the search that much easier. Once you figure out your budget, you can start looking at the areas you’d like to live. Coordinating your budget with where you’d like to live will get you on the right track to focus on the apartments that could be your best fit. At the very least, establishing these ground rules can show you any adjustments that need to be made to make your plan work. 

Prepare Early For Your Move

If you’re in college, it really is never too early to start preparations for getting into your next residence. Areas around colleges or universities can be prime real estate, as students just like you are trying to find places to live, as well. Start doing research on average prices for rent and areas or complexes that interest you. If you can swing it, take a look at rental properties or apartments months before you need to move in. 

This can help you get the lay of the land of the rental market, and give you realistic expectations for the market, your budget, and what to expect. Early preparation can make it easier to save money for things like security deposits, and it can put you in a great position to be ahead of the procrastinators out there. The landlord will appreciate the early start, as well, since you’ll both be negotiating for the next year.

It’s not difficult to find an apartment as a student, but finding the right one in the right neighborhood can be a daunting task. It’s a big financial decision, and can impact your overall college experience. For more information on best practices for looking for an apartment, reach out to the experts at Classic City Apartments today.