What Amenities Should I Look for in a Student Apartment?

by | Oct 4, 2023

There are a lot of things going on when you head off to college. Independence, getting older, and carving out your own space in the world. With all of the stresses college life brings, it’s important to have a great space that you can retreat back to and call home. However, no two apartments are alike – particularly in college towns. 

Finding the right space that fits just for you is important, and that means keeping your eyes peeled for things that will provide a great environment for studying and living. Finding the right student apartments in Minneapolis is more than just finding the cheapest rent within walking distance to campus. Looking out for things that will make your life easier can help reduce stress and make your college experience more enjoyable.

Check Off the Basics

Of course, everybody wants to be close to campus in a place that fits within your budget, so it’s important to consider your other expenses to make sure the lease will fit your income. However, it’s also vital to understand what goes along with the space – and that includes the neighborhood and parking. Be sure to check out the building’s security features, such as surveillance cameras and common areas that are well-lit. Also check out the parking situation, as the security of your vehicle is also important.

Check with the landlord to see if utilities like electricity, gas, internet, water, etc. are included in the rent. The more options that are included, the easier it will be to simplify the rent. This will also clue you into see if the utilities are shared amongst all tenants, or just added to your rent from your own usage. This can make a big deal in how much you’ll be paying each month.

What Types of Facilities Are Included?

Not all apartments provide on-site laundry facilities, and it can be a big inconvenience if you have to leave every time you want to do a load of the wash. It’s important to check out all of the appliances that are included in the space, as well. A fully-equipped kitchen can go a long way in making meal prep easier, and you will save more money dining at home. Along these same lines, make sure the property manager offers timely maintenance and repair when issues come up.

Many apartment complexes offer plenty of other amenities to make their tenants happy. These can include fitness facilities, study spaces, and other community rooms for the tenants to enjoy. On-site gyms can be far more convenient – and much less expensive than a gym membership. There may also be areas designated for quiet study, as well as community spaces. These can be anything from lounges to game rooms to other areas for socializing. 

Finding the right apartment is an individual journey, but it’s important to find the right space that fits for you. The perfect apartment doesn’t have to be close to campus if it has access to public transportation, for example. For more information or tips on finding the right apartment, reach out to the experts at Classic City Apartments today.