What does student apartment mean?

by | Mar 25, 2022

Student apartments are a type of housing for college students, however, it is not on a college campus. Student apartments are not owned by the college or the university but are specifically available to people enrolled in college. They are different from other forms of housing, as they are leased out per bed. The Student Apartments Minneapolis are not plentiful, but the ones available are high quality.

Student Apartment vs a Dorm

When it comes to differentiating between a dorm and a student apartment, there are a few main differences. Dorms are located on a college campus and are known to be small. Most often two to four students will share one dorm room.

Student apartments are usually off-campus and provide more privacy and space than a dorm would. Dorms are on-campus, therefore most colleges and universities have strict rules for residents. These might include a curfew, restrictions on legal alcohol use, or frequent inspections. Alternatively, those living in student apartments are still subject to rules, but only those set by the landlord and the law.

Dorms do usually have a meal plan attached to them, which means that in a student apartment you will need to learn how to cook or purchase food. Student apartments mean that you are living on your own, and need to focus on getting furniture and starting a real-life out on your own. Most dorms will already have a bed, desk, and even a dresser to use. In some cases, a student apartment will have them as well, but you need to ask ahead of time.

Who Should Rent a Student Apartment?

Based on what you’re looking for, either one can be a good option for your situation. They both offer different things that you might be looking for, either more help or more independence and autonomy.

Pros of a student apartment

  • Furniture not included, meaning you can choose your own
  • Better privacy, you most likely get your own room
  • Fewer rules
  • Feeling of independence

Pros of a dorm

  • Located on campus
  • Meals included
  • Less space to clean or take care of

Looking for Student Apartments?

When you decide where you want to live it will depend on what you are ready for. If you are just moving out you may not be ready to move out on your own. If you are ready for independence, then it may be time to move into a student apartment. They are both good options, but ultimately, only you can decide.