What is the Best City to Live in in Minnesota?

by | Mar 1, 2023

Minnesota is a great place to live—but one city rises above them all.

Everyone finds their way to Minnesota through different means. Some of us are lucky enough to grow up here, while others find their way here over time. It might be work, family, or a relationship. No matter how you end up in Minnesota, chances are you want a good place to live. Let’s discuss what makes Minneapolis the best Minnesota city!

Breaking Down the Best  Places to Live

There is a lot to love about Minnesota, and everyone loves it for their own reasons. These are the four factors that make Minnesota’s top city the obvious choice for those who want it all. 

Places to Explore

The best places to live have plenty to offer, and a lot of the time, that means having plenty of space. In Minnesota’s top city, you will find that there is plenty of room for you to run around and enjoy different experiences. There is truly something for everyone here, no matter your interest.

Indoor activities, outdoor activities—it’s all in Minneapolis. Whether you are looking for a local hangout or want to drop by your favorite major chain, you can find it here. There is a balance between local treasures and all of the major upgrades a person could want.


They say you can tell a lot about a place by the kind of food it offers, and Minneapolis has all of the delicious treats you would expect from a major city. Whether you want to swing through a drive-thru or you decide you want to see what your local neighbors are cooking in their family restaurants, there is always something delicious on the menu.   


Culture is what gives a city life. It is what brings people together and allows them to turn proximity into community. Fortunately, the Minneapolis culture is powerful and welcoming to newcomers. Once you move to this city, you are officially a part of it.   


From skylines to natural spaces, beauty is something we all want in our environment. It inspires us and reminds us that there is more to life than our daily stresses or the next thing on our to-do lists. In Minneapolis, there is plenty of beauty to behold whether you love city living or want to go off the grid to soak up some nature.

The Takeaway

Minneapolis is full of beautiful neighborhoods and truly amazing people–and it might be perfect for your next home. If you want a taste of what this great city has, you can explore the best 5-bedroom apartments Minneapolis has to offer. To learn more about this incredible city and the many wonderful places you can call home, explore our listings. Your next new home is already waiting for you!